Marlo’s action plan is to focus on SSHED. Service, Safety, Housing & Economic Development are the primary categories of her action plan.


Marlo will serve the needs of her constituents by continuing to gain additional resources from the city and county for the district. She will be a steward of the people, resources and environment. She will push for responsible spending and make difficult decisions when the budget must be reduced. She will bring transparency for the people to see how their property taxes and measures are spent. She will push for all bond measures to specify how the measure would impact each household, and who is paying the cost, homeowners property tax for what number of years, or what percent sales tax will increase, and for how long. She will look for creative streams of income to pay for city services that are equitable.



A 13-year old boy was shot and killed in a new community park in East Oakland in last October. Neighbors are concerned with home and car burglaries. In East Oakland some bank ATMs are closed at 8pm due to safety. Our residents deserve safer streets. Our young people are also ensnared in human trafficking. Marlo will dedicate more resources and outreach to combat human trafficking.

Members of the community are concerned with police shooting unarmed black/brown folks without provocation, and a recent scandal with local police exploiting a teenage prostitute.The police are potentially communicating with ICE. All of these issues create mistrust and fear of our police force. Police officers were recently asked to leave a local coffee shop, while in uniform as customers were uncomfortable. Marlo’s mother was a police officer for 11years. Marlo will build bridges with police officers who are here to protect and serve the members of the community.

Marlo’s plans are to increase sensitivity training, de-escalation training & increase funding to increase the number of patrolling officers to decrease response times for calls. She supports the Independent Police Commission and the use of body cameras on all officers on the streets, which will hold the department accountable. She is in favor of banning automatic rifles. She supports recruiting and promoting from within the community. She is in favor of bail reform, reform for juvenile sentencing, and giving those imprisoned a second chance in our community. She supports the notion that local police should be separate from ICE. She will continue to support programs such as NCPC to build safer neighborhoods through community involvement.


In 2016, the city grieved the 36 lives lost in the Ghost Ship fire. Members of the art collective were desperate to find an affordable place to call home. Marlo was particularly touched reading stories of people whose lives were cut short. Some blame the leader of the collective, some blame the city inspector, or possibly the landlord, but the bottom line is Oakland needs housing, especially affordable and senior housing. People who grew up in Oakland can no longer afford to rent or buy in their community. Many people who work in Oakland cannot afford to live within the city. Affordable and senior housing projects will also be a priority.

Marlo will promote use of granny pods and grandfather in existing in-law units. This has a two-fold benefit for people. It will create income for homeowners who may be cash strapped and perhaps struggling with mortgage notes and rising property taxes. Secondly, it will immediately increase the supply of affordable places to live. Marlo supports the building of apartment and condominiums, as renters move out, to rent or purchase a home, another unit becomes available. She will streamline projects that meet the affordable housing criteria, especially the projects that include affordable and or senior housing within the project. Marlo will create incentives for new construction to include green techniques and materials for example hemp concrete and the use of solar power. Projects that do not include affordable housing within the project are subjected to fines. Marlo will make it transparent so that people may access those fees for affordable housing project proposals.

She will work with housing advocates and coalitions, contractor/developers, realtors, and homeowners to bring housing units to Oakland. Let us bring all of the stakeholders, along with the City Council and Planning and Permit Departments to the table to work on solutions that support all, especially those working class folks who are being squeezed out.

Homelessness is a growing human crisis in our city. It is a shared responsibility between the County of Alameda Health and Human Services and the City of Oakland. Marlo will preserve and work to secure additional resources from the County of Alameda & from Veterans Affairs. She will continue to engage faith based organizations to come up with more temporary and permanent solutions, continue outreach programs. She will duplicate the success of current programs such as BACS, and find solutions to the multifactorial causes. She has a plan to implement a sustainable thrift store and urban farm that will house, and employ homeless people. This would give them shelter, dignity and a sense of purpose for those working in this collective. The community could participate by purchasing fruits and vegetables, or items from the thrift shop. People could also donate items for the thrift shop or donate their talents like teaching people to grow food. She will look for resources from the City/County/Community for start up money and land.


District 6 is lacking in commerce and economic development. That means a lack of jobs and income for our area. The commerce will bring jobs and money will stay  in the pockets of people in Oakland. People in our district have to leave the area to shop. Marlo wants to create a thriving community by increasing commerce, green spaces, dog parks, places to gather, adding a major grocery store to the flatlands and more farmer markets. Make Oakland green again! Put trees back in Oakland, to live up to our namesake. She supports the Trees for Oakland program, which plants free trees in certain areas of the city. She wants to change as many city vehicles to electric, and convert city facilities to solar power.

Oakland will experience an economic void in two years when the Raiders and Warriors leave the city. Many workers and businesses will feel the impact. Marlo wants to attract a WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) team to the Oracle arena. The hope is to keep the arena relevant to our community and preserve jobs. Marlo will seek out potential owners without burdening the taxpayers. She would be a steward for the city’s resources and would look at long term implications of any deal with sports teams, or other entities. This idea has been discussed in the past, and perhaps the idea could further be explored.

Marlo hopes to attract the artists to East Oakland and develop work loft spaces. She sees opportunity in the Foothill and Bancroft corridors where many storefronts are left vacant. She hopes to attract the arts and Holistic healers to the East. She supports the new RTB along International Blvd, and will engage the needs of businesses impacted by the construction.

Marlo wants to make East Oakland more walkable, so people can shop and gather. She wishes to partner with business to create events such as Sunday Streets in San Francisco. These events are where the community could gather, meet others and discover resources in our community, or perhaps purchase something locally made. Marlo wants to create an event similar to First Friday in East Oakland, and call it “Art in the East” to showcase local artists and have a gathering in our area.

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  • Roux Lucitt
    commented 2018-10-11 07:57:02 -0700
    I know Marlo personally and it is refreshing to see someone like her, who have dedicated their lives to the lives of others, changing the direction of their lives to continue to help & serve the Community at a different level. As an RN, Marlo got things done for her patients. She made a difference it many people in their lives! Imagine what this dedicated, talented, motivated lady can do for the community of Oakland! The city of Oakland will have corruption no more! Safer streets? DONE! A healthier Oakland? DONE! Marlo will bring a change to Oakland for the people that have felt that they are being pushed from their own neighborhood, with the astronomical increases in rent. Ethical standards at city level! Imagine that!